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 Guild rules

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PostSubject: Guild rules   Guild rules I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 11:56 pm

Social rules:
1. Please show respect to all players in the game. We aim to make this guild our second home, so please behave according to that.
2. No racism is allowed while you're a part of this brotherhood.
3. Keep the guild chat to english language only.
4. Arguing and fighting is forbidden in this guild. If you have a problem with one of the members, contact an officer about that.
5. Don't bash people that make mistakes, correct them instead.
6. Show your respect to the guild's officers and the people outside of the guild. Our goal is to be prestige, not a common guild. Prove us that you're worthy of our tag.
7. If you think you can help improve the guild with some of your ideas / suggestions, contact a guild officer about that or post it in our suggestions section at our forums.
8. No flaming and encouraging arguments is allowed!
9. Guild bashing is strictly forbidden.
10. Please don't spam the guild chat.

Raiding & loot rules:
1. You're allowed to roll on only one spec. during the whole raid.
2. Only one /roll is allowed per item.
3. Do not whisper the Master looter with item name / link you would like to have, and don't link items in raid chat during the roll.
4. You're not allowed to roll for the items that someone needs because in case you wish to use them for disenchanting.
5. You need to be patient when it's rolling time, so don't rush the rolling.
6. In case you see unfair rolling happens, make a screenshot and contact guild officer. Don't raise scenes and don't bash Master looter.
7. Follow the orders given by the raid leader or assistant.
8. Stick to one spec. during the raid.
9. Do not attack boss until you're told to do so.

Raid priorities
1.Hunters take priority on bows and guns (not tank guns) over warriors and rogues.

General guild rules
1. Selling any kind of service and items to a guild member is forbidden.
2. Using a guild bank to assist people outside of guild and to sell items on auction house is forbidden.
3. Contribute to the guild any way you can. No pressure though.
4. Be willing to help other guild members. If a guild member needs help with a quest and you're in the neighborhood, give them a hand.
5. If you have an item of value and you don't need it, remember that you can put it in the guild bank so the other guild members can use it.
6. You're allowed to have only 2 alts inside of the guild. Your main doesn't count as one.
7. It's desirable for you to be active on forum now and then.
8. Be friendly and remember, I'm sorry and thank you are magical words.

Most important rule: Be a proud member of the Rebellion and have fun!

Note: Remember, you are obligated to follow all those rules. There will be consequences for disrespecting the guild and the rules. Punishments will emerge from temporary muted guild rank, permanent demotion up to a guild kick. While following the rules may get you promoted and grant some guild privileges.

thanks Morail
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Guild rules
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